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I often receive messages like the ones below. It's striking how many of us classic ASP developers share the same feeling. Left alone in the woods with our ASP-scripts and functions that passed the test of time (some of them are working flawlessly for 25 years now, on all Windows Servers).

I like your work! Contrary to what the muppets say, Classic ASP is not dead. There is nothing that one cannot do with ASP. In fact I have written desktop applications in ASP... cannot do that with PHP. You may recall SOOP? It had a huge following and a lot of devs for a lot of useful plugins. Not sure what happened with that even though I was one their plugin devs. Perhaps it was the cost of web hosting vs Apache servers and WordPress. Good luck with your CMS.
I've just found your web site for the first time today and I just wanted to say thank you for doing it. I've been using Classic ASP since the late 90s and still use it today for projects even though I've been jeered and sneered at for doing so. It's great to see there are other people still out there using it for real and still flying the flag :0)
I found your page by chance, because I was looking for something in ASP that would work with the "DataTables | Table plugin for jQuery"... congratulations for maintaining this site. Hope you are still working with ASP...thanks.
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