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For years I have successfully used the SQLOLEDB-provider when connecting to SQL Server databases in classic ASP. However, for some weeks now, I face serious issues with it. I get random "Login timeout expired" errors and sudden crashes. No way to reproduce or predict these errors. It was driving me crazy.

But it looks like I found a solution. As soon as I started to use Provider=SQLNCLI11 in asp/classes/database.asp the error has gone. Quite a relieve as at some point I got 1000's of error messages. 

This issue does not show in Access. So if you're using QS on an Access database, you can ignore this fix. But if you happen to use SQL Server, you may want to change the provider from SQLOLEDB to SQLNCLI11 in asp/classes/database.asp. 

I use the SQL Server Express editions. Maybe the issue only shows on Express editions. I have no clue. 

Hope this helps.

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