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Ok, we’re back and free again. Why? Let’s face it: the CMS game has changed. Even all free CMS’s like WP, Joomla and Drupal face hard times. Social media have taken over big parts of classic “content” management. I see the same struggle for life in many other CMS-related sofware like template-builders and CMS plugin-developers. Many of them simply disappear at some point in time.

In this global context, selling web-publishing software is impossible. It’s even very difficult to promote free software, especially when it’s developed in a dead language (classic ASP) and when it requires some technical know-how to get it up and running.

So I do not expect to welcome 100’s of users, but I spent about 10 years of my life building this application, so why not share that with whoever can use it?

To all those who paid for QuickerSite in the past 10 years, I can only say THANK YOU!! You kept QuickerSite alive.

As for the future of QuickerSite, let’s not get too excited… There is no active community of classic ASP developers out there. Everyone moved to PHP. But there still are some. And they may prefer classic ASP to any other technology. 

For me personally things have changed as well. In the past few years I actively tried to make it as a country singer songwriter (Pete Corman). I had an amazing time. I met lots of musicians and I played a lot of concerts and festivals. I even made it to our national "The Voice" edition with a Chris Young song. As a matter of fact, this sure has become some sort of second life, and I will keep on writing and singing as much as I can.

But I recently got into coding again, JavaScript mainly. And I love it. So I’m back. And QS is back. I do not prepare new versions however. I will only fix bugs and issues as they are raised.

So, to all those users who asked me to make QuickerSite free again, and to all customers who backed this project by paying license fees: let's get together again, and let's try to make something out of this. Maybe one day QuickerSite 5 rises up and puts classic ASP back on the map.

QuickerSite is all about classic ASP & VBScript, Microsoft's popular scripting languages back in 97-2004. My recent JavaScript crash-courses have learned me 2 things: First, VBScript/ASP is very visual. It's much easier to read and write (case insensitve) than JavaScript or C# (case sensitive, and too often very short and visually confusing syntax). Second: JavaScript is the way to go. Both on the client and on the server. And in between (AJAX). But as a server-side technology, ASP/VBScript still does amazingly well. On Windows servers it does better than PHP. It's faster in any case. As a matter of fact, classic ASP is STILL very capable of doing about everything you'd ever need as a (back-end) web developer: databases, files, program flow, object oriented programming, etc. I have recently come accross very useful libraries to parse and update JSON files in classic ASP. But over the years, I have also often extended my classic ASP projects with some PHP libraries to create PDF files. QuickerSite also uses a .NET image-resizer. Microsoft servers run about any web technology. That is a plus I think.

Welcome back. See you in the forums.

to Developers Blog

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