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I was told Google ranks non-SSL sites lower and it's gonna mark them as unsafe pretty soon (May 2018). This year will be the point of no return. Every website needs an SSL certificate, Google says.

This is going to be a game changer. Take Godaddy. They offer dirt cheap hosting, somewhere between 3 and 4 $/month. But they charge 6$/month for a certificate alone. One.com is smarter. They include SSL in their cheapest solutions. It's not even an option there. 

I'm not sure about this. I'm in this business for some decades now. Never ever a QS backsite password got burned due to unsafe networks. QS uses encrypted cookies by itself. 

Also, validating an SSL often needs a lot of website-tweaking and fixing. I spent all night just to tweak this (rather small) website alone. Everywhere I used images and iframes pointing to "unsafe" http://-sources, my page was marked "unsafe" as well. I had to replace dozens of lines of html code. But I host 100's of websites. Go figure...

As much as I like Google - and who am I in the end - I think we're going a bit too fast here. There is not a single reason to secure 5 page business-card-kind-a-websites with little or no interaction with the visitor, other than clicking around a little. Not a single reason. There is no sensitive data whatsoever going back and forth. My 2 cents.

Anyway, www.quickersite.com is on SSL as from today. Please report any issue. Many thanks.

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