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You know, I'm a Google fan. I really like many of their products, like gmail, calendar, drive, docs, etc.

 A little hour ago, I setup a Google Cloud Server (https://cloud.google.com) and I'm already hosting a QS demo site on a Windows 2016 Data Center Edition. There was not 1 issue, and I have the feeling the entire process is automated with no human interventions whatsoever. And I have a FULL YEAR to test this thing, for FREE. And even if I would signup for the paid version, I would pay not even 25% of what I pay now.

I like that.

Btw, not only you can deploy all sorts of servers, you can also deploy 100's of applications (CMS, e-Commerce) via the Cloud Launcher, each time calculating their price. I wonder what it would take to get QS on their list !

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