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For the first time in my entire career, I am asked to build a mobile website for a long time customer. And I am already stuck, before I got even started.

The question that keeps me busy for the moment is: shall we create a new responsive design for the existing website, or shall we setup a separate mobile site, under a new (sub) domain (e.g. http://m.mysite.com)?

My customer is a car-dealer. Their guidelines for dealer-websites push towards creating a separate website for mobile devices. As a webdesigner, I think this is an outdated approach. I would rather use a responsive design. But who am I?

I did some research. Most car-sites I visit are not responsive. Same for many other sites, like news-sites, newspapers, etc. The vast majority of (bigger) sites are simply not responsive. They have seperate websites for mobile devices. 

Artisteer choose to add responsive behaviour to their webdesigner tool as from v4.x. So does www.jstemplates.com. But was that the best approach? We could have created a seperate tool to create mobile websites instead. Given the actual situation, this might have made more sense. I believe it has kept Artisteer from growing as a designer software. At some point, it got stuck in the mud with this responsive thing.

A final thought: How can you design a web template that shows "more or less" the same content, images (and other media) on both 800px and 2560px screens? Simple: you can't. The "more or less" is important though. If your website has a lot of content, you will most likely be better off using a seperate design for mobile devices. If your website is relatively small, and it does  not contain too much media, you can try a responsive design. Well, that's how I see it - for now...

Any suggestion?

to Developers Blog

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